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Vastu Services

HinduVastu Shastra deals with the study of directions with the combination of five elements of earth. Every element of earth has a direction which states the location of basic things and atmosphere of the house. Vastu Shashtra is required and plays a significant role as it helps you in identifying the cause of various problems in life. If you abide by Vastu Shashtra then you find a perfect balance at your place that welcomes you with prosperity and success.

Divya Jyotish Sansthan is one stop destination to deal with and find solutions for almost all Vastu issues. Our Gurus have proven solutions for a range of Vastu problems. Find enlightenment and peace at your place with Vastu done at your place.

Vastu is done by our well-learned Guru Ji who has years of experience in Vastu and can enhance your life for good.

A house defines you and your status symbol these days; A lot of people invest a huge money on their houses. To get it beautifully done and to make it aesthetically pleasing, it is important to get the Vastu done. Each house is scanned completely to figure out the four corners and the how to balance the nature and its elements at your place. You can also find well-guided and detailed videos to know how to design the entire house with what should be at what place. This will help you in designing your homes or work spaces in the most scientific and logical way based on Vastu practices. We can give you Vastu related inputs and tips for Residential buildings, apartments, commercial complexes, which can avoid construction blunders, and help you follow Vastu compliant architecture for a prosperous and healthy life.

There are different types of Vastu as per the location and nature of business of that place; the following are different Vastu for places:

  • Vastu for Home
  • Vastu for Offices
  • Vastu for Industries
  • Vastu for Shop
  • Vastu for Hospital
  • Vastu for Bank
  • Vastu for School
  • Vastu for Restaurants

How Geographical Location can decide the impact, know more through Vastu. Believe it or not, few locations have done an incredible growth because of their location. There are few examples like Mumbai and Trombay for Bhabha Atomic Research Center have registered tremendous growth. If we talk globally, Japan has progressed a lot in spite of its small area. All these observations can be explained on the basis of Vastu Shasta. The Pacific Ocean lies on the northeast side of Japan. Again, south and west sides of Japan are also covered with water, which causes natural hazards like frequent earthquakes.

Five Elements – Panch Mahabhutas

Space (Aakash)

Space is endless, it’s infinite and forever. It is the abode of all cosmic activities; all the planets and stars exist in the space which is called outer space.

Fire (Agni)

Fire is considered auspicious the basic source is solar energy which is the sun.

Air (Vayu)

Air is supposed to be life supporting for all living organism. Though very light in nature, it is considered heavier than the sun.

Water (Jal)

Water is very significant in our life, we are made up of 70 percent water and it is the basis of lives on earth. It is compulsory for existence in this world.

Earth (Prithvi)

Earth is said to be a part of the sun and it provides space to the living and non-living organisms.Vastu Shashtra deal with the study of all four directions on the basis of these vital elements that can affect life, marriage, relationships, success and house atmosphere. Get your entire house checked for its Vastu and sort it the way it should be to be successful in life.