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Emerald or Panna

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The size and weight of your emerald stone or panna will vary depending on your precise requirement as determined by a qualified astrologer or astro consultant. Each gemstone is procured meticulously from a reliable source and is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. Astrological gemstones from Starstell are guaranteed to be genuine and flawless because we not only build trust we deliver it. The product ships with “vidhi” instructions which are also available on our website’s home page in the Articles section.

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Emerald Gemstones for Astrological use. Rs 3000/carat.

Deep from the mysterious inner folds of mother earth thousands of feet below comes the emerald or panna, the sovereign crown prince among all precious stones. It is a dazzling green in color and scintillating in texture. It is governed by the planet Mercury and counters its ill effects. The association dates back to the Vedic era. Green may stand for envy but the color green, as represented in the emerald, has many astrological and natural healing properties. Emerald stands for serenity, success in relationships, material wealth, happiness and inner tranquility. It stimulates creativity in the fine arts and is known to possess an incredible calming effect on the human mind and body. Do you believe that you experience difficulty making decisions especially of the critical variety? If yes, emerald is surely your astro gemstone for life. Wearing the right emerald which one of our experienced Starstell astrologers will be more than happy to recommend, will boost your confidence, improve your memory and vision, help with insomnia and strengthen your immune system. It is even known to work miracles during pregnancy. The emerald stone should be mounted on a gold ring and worn on your small finger of your right hand starting on a Wednesday for years of protection and innumerable benefits.

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