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Pooja and Offerings

Hinduculture is a very strong culture; God is our care taker and our creator. Whenever you face any problem, he is the one to whom you worship or pray. Puja is one way to deal with problems in life. Facing any kind of trouble can make your life more dull and sad. Find instant solutions served through pooja to pray to god and make things better with time.

Pooja is one way to connect with God, in this busy schedule we often sideline connect to our creator and almighty.

There are number of pooja and havans that take place to spread peace and harmony in relationships and to make the entire atmoshere positive and good.

Find the description of following Pooja and seek the one you need for your life and goals.

Lakshmi Ganapathi Havan

Lakshmi and Ganapathi both are the two most prominent Gods of entire hindu religion. Lakshmi Ganapathi pooja is done for health , wealth, prosperity and success in projects and any hindrance. Facing issues in life regarding all the above said aspects then this could be the right Pooja for you.
The procedure is standard which is done at your place and at the right time. The muhrat is fixed as per the planetary motion of the one for whom it is done. The chanting of mantras take place by pundit ji to make more fruitful.

Rudra Havan

This havan is done to rectify problems and to diminish the negative effect of aggrieved moon. This havan is done to bring harmony and wealth in your life. To defend devotees from the negative influence and all possible dangers of time or years to come, this also blesses you with strong mind and good strength. This Havan is done to please lord Shiva. The pooja will start with pooja of lord Ganpathi and Lakshmi. It also revises the 108 names of Lord Shiva.

Subrahmanya Havan

If you kundli has mangala dosha o r Kuja Dosha then you need to resolve it by doing this havan. This also deals with problem pertaining problems in conceiving, pregnancy problems, to overcome fears and negativity and to bless with good body and mind.
To commence this havan, A priest will be booked by us who has years of experience and known to be an expert. The muhrat is checked and kept as per priest’s calendar.

Sarawati Havan

This is to plead God of wisdom and knowledge for better mastery in studies. It helps to gain knowledge and mastery in studies. It is done to sharpen the intellect and memory. Kids who are weak in studies often chant mantras to seek blessings from god. This also works for people’s stammering,
This is again done by a specified priest and on a specified time called Muhrat to gain the maximum benefits. It is also for students and their success in exams. This enhances confidence and learning skills of an individual.
The chanting of Saraswati mantras takes place in Pooja.
The various kinds of havans may have different goals or blessings to seek, the giver and the curator is one- The almighty God. Trust yourself and him for a successful life.

Acharya Ji is a reputed astrologer and practices Vedic Astrology, also known as Parashari Jyotish. He has pursued his studies from Lal Bahadur Shastri University and other conventional media. Born and brought in a Brahmin family, he has also benefited from the immense knowledge relayed to him by his father and grandfather who have been renowned astrologers of their time. He has a vast knowledge of Vedic astrology (parashari jyotish) and his area of specialization is marriage, love life and relations. He has an experience which exceeds 8 years and in this span of time he has provided accurate horoscope readings, predictions and useful suggestions to innumerable clients from all across the country and globe. He provides astrological profile and the remedies based on your personal details like time, place and date of birth.

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