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Manglik Dosh

According to the prevalent definition of Manglik Dosh in Indian Astrology, it is said that if Mars is placed in any of the houses 1,2,4,7,8 or 12, in a Horoscope where the rising sign or the Ascendant is taken as the first house, Manglik Dosh is said to be formed in that horoscope.

This Dosh is usually said to delay the marriage of the affected person and create disturbances even after marriage or in the worst cases it may cause the death of the spouse. And it is advised by some astrologers that a person having a Manglik Dosh in his or her horoscope should only marry a person who also has Manglik Dosh in his or her horoscope.

According to astrologers, the bad effects of Manglik Dosh present in a horoscope are reduced or even canceled if the person marrying the first person is also having Manglik Dosh in his or her horoscope. As we now know the basic definition of Manglik Dosh, so let’s analyze it further. And for the convenience of foreign readers, I would like to mention that any person suffering from Manglik Dosh is called a Manglik. So when someone says “I’m a Manglik”, it simply means that they have Manglik Dosh in their horoscope or at least they’ve been told so.

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