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Time and tide wait for none, the truth lies in the power of time and we surrender at times to the almighty. You often land yourself amidst the pool of confusions and dilemmas. Astrology can pave the way to find easy and proven solutions to all your problems. Clarify all your doubts and take a better decision when you know about future. Without any external help like Astrology Consultation, there are chances that you can miss an opportunity.

Astrology Consultation at Divya Jyotish Sansthan is to help you with your problem and questions about life and time. Find reliable answers to every problem that can help you in taking wise decisions. The entire Sansthan is run by the group of scholars with years of experience in Astrology. Each Pundit has received his divine knowledge at Gurukul in Haridwar known as the place of God.

Divine science like Astrology can guide you through your tough times and make your life better and peaceful with Astrology Consultation.

Get all your questions answered quickly through either a call or personal meeting. Our experienced Guruji will take diverse questions on Marriage, health, Career, Family Planning, Business, Abroad Settlement, Family Problems, Property Issues and much more.

Predictions of our Gurus are just like the silver lining in clouds for you where you would be able to find proven solutions for your problem with a guided counseling about your career and do’s and don’ts based upon your Kundli.

The date of birth and time has a significant role in your life as it forecast a lot about your life by reading the planetary motions and their positions. You would be amazed to know that everything happens for a reason and to figure out those sometimes you need to know few answers.

Divya Jyotish Sansthan is one stop destination that answers your doubts of life and gets you on the right track. Be it career planning or investing in a huge project take advice from Guru Ji and find real peace in mind and life.

Solutions and Puja’s done by Guru Ji are highly methodical and done with dedication to serve you the best of things in this world.

Our Gurus are driving this entire Sansthan with a motive of helping people and resolving their problems for a better and peaceful life. Philanthropy and benevolence of our Gurus will make you believe in them more than before.

Soar heights with our guidance and taste success in life. We are there to support you through every thick and thin with our proven and easy solutions.

Trust is bigger than God, believe in you and Pray.


Acharya Ji is a reputed astrologer and practices Vedic Astrology, also known as Parashari Jyotish. He has pursued his studies from Lal Bahadur Shastri University and other conventional media. Born and brought in a Brahmin family, he has also benefited from the immense knowledge relayed to him by his father and grandfather who have been renowned astrologers of their time. He has a vast knowledge of Vedic astrology (parashari jyotish) and his area of specialization is marriage, love life and relations. He has an experience which exceeds 8 years and in this span of time he has provided accurate horoscope readings, predictions and useful suggestions to innumerable clients from all across the country and globe. He provides astrological profile and the remedies based on your personal details like time, place and date of birth.


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