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About Divya Jyotish Sansthan

Divya Jyotish Sansthan started with an aim to help people, to solve their problems, and bring daily life solutions by harnessing the power of Vedic sciences and Astrology.

The Sansthan was established in the year 2010, in New Delhi, under the supervision of renowned astrologer and Pundit Acharya J.P. Ojha. Since then, the Sansthan remains dedicated to providing unmatched astrological consulting, horoscope matching, Vastu Shastra, Pooja, and other Vedic services for people’s benefit.

What makes us different from other Astrologers & Gurus providing astrology services?

Diverse Range of Poojas (for all occasions)

We have different poojas, specifically designed to suit different occasions. We conduct all types of poojas, which range from festive poojas to Dosh Nivarnas, and we also perform Havans (special poojas). Everyone finds a unique solution in the form of services at Divya Jyotish Sansthan.

Poojas Performed by not One but by a group of Expert Pundits

Vedic Poojas are conducted to utilize positive energy from the elements of nature and help a person harness its power for prosperity and goodwill. Whether a pooja is being performed for a simple occasion like house warming (grih pravesh), or for a complex Dosh nivarna, its best conducted when a group of Pundits collectively chant mantras and perform rituals.
A Divya Jyotish Sansthan, a fleet of Pundits who are experts in the field of Vedic astrology together conduct a pooja. We don’t perform pooja without a group of pundits, which makes our services unique

Expertise from Gurukul Kangri

All the pundits who provide astrology services, horoscope matching, or conduct poojas at Divya Jyotish Sansthan, have been trained in Vedic Sciences from world renowned & sacred GURUKUL KANGRI, Haridwar. The university is famous for its disciplined environment, advanced learning, and for producing stalwarts in the field of Astrology.

Guidance from Acharya J. P Ojha

A famous figure in Indian astrology, Acharya J.P
Ojha is a dedicated pundit and Vedic practitioner, known for his Jyotish abilities. At Divya Jyotish Sansthan, all the services, consultation, and products are prescribed under the supervision of Acharya, which makes our services elusive.

The Best Astrology Consultation in the Country

With conviction and intricate guidance, we make people 100% satisfied by providing them benefit from nature’s purest and most sacred source of energy. Our groups of Pundits provide unmatched services and are known for completing toughest of poojas in a successful manner. At Divya Jyotish Sansthan, every seeker finds a solution.

You have security at Divya Jyotish Sansthan

You pay individuals or others whatever they ask you. You can’t even catch them. By us you pay to an institute that has a system to satisfy your needs and requirements. As an institution we have same and declared price for everyone. The individual Pandits often will take your money and will not do anything or everything they say. Being an institute we secure your rights to deliver satisfactory service against your payment. We keep our words and we keep you at top priority.

Guarantee of cheapest price for Yagya

Finally, even for prices, we guarantee you to give you cheapest price. So take the price from anyone and get it done by us on 75% costs provided that the quoted price is not bluffed. Besides, we also take care of your privacy on internet, secure data transmission and secure informatics that others don’t even know about.


Acharya Ji is a reputed astrologer and practices Vedic Astrology, also known as Parashari Jyotish. He has pursued his studies from Lal Bahadur Shastri University and other conventional media. Born and brought in a Brahmin family, he has also benefited from the immense knowledge relayed to him by his father and grandfather who have been renowned astrologers of their time. He has a vast knowledge of Vedic astrology (parashari jyotish) and his area of specialization is marriage, love life and relations. He has an experience which exceeds 8 years and in this span of time he has provided accurate horoscope readings, predictions and useful suggestions to innumerable clients from all across the country and globe. He provides astrological profile and the remedies based on your personal details like time, place and date of birth.

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